Panaqolus albomaculatus

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This beautiful South American Loricariidae is native to Ecuador and Peru. The name Panaqolus refers to the small Panaque species.

Care tips

  • Wood-eater thus provide bog-wood
  • Usually peaceful
  • Probably an omnivore
  • Emphasize a plant-based diet
  • Will produce a lot of waste
  • Needs well oxygenated water
  • Good filtration is mandatory

Panaqolus albomaculatus is also known by LDA031, Mustard spot pleco and Orange spot pleco. Synonym to Panaque albomaculatus.

Below you can find photo and video collection of the Panaqolus albomaculatus I have cared for.

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Photo gallery

This photo gallery contains images. Photos were taken between 2010 and 2011. Latest photos are always at the top. Click on each image for full-screen view.

Video gallery

This video gallery contains videos of my Mustard spot pleco. Latest videos are always at the top.

Panaqolus albomaculatus video

This video shows closeups of Mustard spot pleco.

  • Video capture date 2010-2011
  • Plenty of wood and hiding places