Otocinclus vittatus

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The small Otocinclus vittatus is a South American Loricariidae. They are able to air breath. This species is very similar to O. mariae and O. macrospilus. Also confused with O. vestitus and O. hoppei. Even often mislabeled as O. affinis, in fact there is a chance that not all the photos below are from an O. vittatus species.

Care tips

  • Highly oxygenated tank and clean
  • Slow moving waters
  • A group of 6 or more is recommended
  • Planted tank is essential

Otocinclus vittatus is also known by LDA023, Common otocinclus, Dwarf sucker and Oto.

Below you can find photo and video collection of the Otocinclus vittatus plecos that I have cared for.

Please contact me if the provided information is faulty.

Photo gallery

This photo gallery contains images. Photos were taken between 2009 and 2016. Latest photos are always at the top. Click on each image for full-screen view.

Video gallery

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