Hypancistrus sp. (L260)

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The beautiful Hypancistrus sp. (L260) pleco is a South American Loricariidae that is found in Rio Tapajos, Para state, Brazil. This species is similar to Hypancistrus sp. (L066), L260 has generally thinner lines with spots.

Care tips

  • Prefers higher temperatures (like most Hypancistrus species do)
  • Highly oxygenated tank
  • Fast water current
  • Most likely an omnivore
  • Do also provide plant-based diet
  • Provide sand, rocks, boulders, caves and driftwood
  • They can be territorial

Hypancistrus sp. (L260) is also known by L260 pleco and Queen arabesque pleco.

Below you can find photo and video collection of the Queen arabesque pleco that my father and I have cared for.

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