Astronotus sp. 'rio orinoco'

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The quirky and robust Astronotus sp. 'rio orinoco' cichlid is a South American Cichlidae that is found in the Orinoco river. They are similar or perhaps synonym to Astronotus ocellatus. As far as I know the taxonomy of the genus is not resolved. I would love to read your pointers or clarification, please contact me.

Care tips

  • Omnivore
  • Prefers meaty diet
  • Messy eater
  • Good filtration is mandatory
  • Ideally provide sand substrate and driftwood roots
  • They can be territorial

Astronotus sp. 'rio orinoco' is also known by Oscar fish, Tiger oscar, Velvet cichlid and Marble cichlid. Synonym to Acara compressus, Acara hyposticta, Astronotus ocellatus zebra, and Astronotus orbiculatus.

Below you can find the group of 6 Astronotus sp. 'rio orinoco' oscars that I have kept back in 2008. I have a soft spot for these cichlids. They have huge personality and recognize their care giver easily. It is very challenging to keep a group of them together in harmony.You might also be interested in the Astronotus cf. orbicularis and Astronotus ocellatus articles.

Please contact me if the provided information is faulty.

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