Anentome helena

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This interesting snail (family Nassariidae) is particularly known for being able to ambush and eat other snails. They are found throughout southeast Asia mainly in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Sometimes they are sought after to handle a (pest) snail "plague" in an aquarium.

Care tips

  • Sand (soft) substrate is mandatory
  • They burrow
  • Carnivore
  • High protein diet
  • Water quality is important
  • Not hermaphrodite

Anentome helena is also known by Clea Helena and Assassin snail.

I have kept this species for many years. They can truly help out with unwanted (pest) snails. Once established breeding is easy although they are very slow breeders. Male and female will lock together for 10 hours or longer. Female lays several single eggs on different places (mainly solid spaces). Eggs are squarish shaped. Sexing this species is as far as I know impossible. Also please note that Assassin snails might try to eat the eggs (included freshly hatched fry) of other species. I even suspect that they might ambush semi-weak shrimps.

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